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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Friends,

My thirtieth birthday is December 13, 2012. Some folks believe that the world is going to end on 12-12-12, and by that logic, I might not make it to thirty. I’ll be 29 forever, like a Gabor sister or aging Playboy bunny. Growing up, the only other kid I knew with my birthday was a German student named Ernst who I did not seem to have anything particularly in common with and who actually very much resembled √úder, the lederhosened exchange student on The Simpsons. Around this time, I read in Newsday that I shared a birthday with both Steve Buscemi AND Ted Nugent. This seemed like no coincidence. I have spent the last nineteen years firmly believing that there is deep meaning behind this spin of the natal wheel of fate.

For all these years, I have dreamed of spending what is potentially the day after the end of the world with my two heroes Steve Buscemi and Ted Nugent. Last year I learned that Beth Lisick, my friend, fellow weirdo, and New York Times bestselling author of Everybody into the Pool and Helping Me Help Myself is also a sharer of the December 13 birthday. Needless to say, Beth is all in for this this plan.

Here is where you come in.

I sent letters to both Steve and Ted, expressing both my deep fandom and my hope that they would go bowling or karaoke on our birthday, but haven’t heard anything back. Friends, if you could maybe take the time to facebook these gentlemen, tweet at them, or, if you personally know them, to tell them how fun I am, I would be majorly indebted to you. Feel free to let Ted know that even though I am a vegetarian, I would gladly kill an endangered species with him, and let Steve know that I was a champion bowler as a little fat kid and therefore a formidable opponent.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Please, help me live this dream. For US.

Cassie J. Sneider

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