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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some neat stuff that's happening!

Hey Fanclubsters!

I have some cool things that are going on for October that I want to fill you in on and you will be a better person for knowing...

1. I painted a full-on toddler-height lawn gnome to fundraise for the Harbor Country Day School on Long Island. His gname is Mr. Gnatural, and he is painted pretty much as you would expect me to paint a gnome, complete with my disembodied hand drawing him to transform it from run-of-the-mill lawn ornament into a meta lawn situation to baffle your neighbors.

Mr. Gnatural from the front

gnome butt
You can check out the rest of the gnomes as well as more bidding information HERE.

2. I will be in San Francisco for Litquake and telling a story at Alley Cat Books for THE WORST! during phase 3 of Litcrawl on October 13th with Alexa Shae Inkeles, Stephanie Foo, Jon Longhi, Dayvid Figler, and TWO MYSTERY GUESTS! You can check out the facebook invite HERE.

3. I will also have a few drawings displayed at The Last Laugh art show on October 13th in Brooklyn.

4. I'm in the Sister Spit Anthology!

Come see me read in Los Angeles at Skylight Books on October 18th with Michelle Tea, Tara Jepsen, Myriam Gurba, Blake Nelson, Harriet "Harry"Dodge, Tamara Llosa-Sandor, and Sara Seinberg! Also, if anyone wants to come with me to try and see Ellen and The Price is Right, I would be PSYCHED for that. The Bay Area readings are the 24th and 25th, so hopefully I will get to see every West Coaster I love at some point!

5. I read on the train like crazy as sort of a mental break from ignoring the pee stains and cat-call of big city livin'. There are two books I have read recently that I need to tell you about so you can love them as much as I do.

The big payoff in being a writer has been all the great people who have come into my life as a result of doing zines and having a book. Michelle Dwyer is one of those people, and her book Junk Drunk is a pocket-sized gem. It's a really fast read and covers two of my favorite subjects: junk collecting and regular customers. Michelle is an antiques dealer and chronic thrifter in Maryland, and her conversations with the folks who visit her antique mall booth and store come through as so real, poignant, and funny. If you have ever had a job where some stranger has told you, "I used to have that ____!" or "I remember that ____!" then you have to read this book.

I was asked to interview Jeanne Thornton for The Rumpus on her new book, The Dream of Doctor Bantam. I met Jeanne a long time ago in the world of zines and she's long been one of my faves, so I am excited that she has a REAL LIVE BOOK to share with the world. Her description of what it's like to be a weird teen girl are so ON IT, and the book takes place in Austin, so it's been fun as a reader to retrace my steps and actually know where the characters are walking around. I usually finish books fairly quickly, but I don't want this one to end so I've been taking my time. You should get it, too, that way we can book club it together!
Anyway, that's about all I have for now. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you in October!


ps. THE WORST! comes on back November 5th with a bunch of really cool writers and weirdos. HERE is the invite for that!

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